Point Of Sales (POS)


What is pos?

Generally, Point of Sale(POS) or Point of Purchase(POP) means the place where a transaction between a customer and a merchant takes place. The merchant may make an invoice and after taking the cash from the buyer a receipt is given. After inventing computer, POS system was digitized at first in the 1970s. Mobile phones and tabs of the 21st century have added a new dimension in Point of Sale(POS) revolution. Programming and software have created a new system popularly known as Point of Sale(POS) system

What is POS system?

POS system is the 'powerhouse' of a business. Basically, Point of Sale(POS) system refers to the combination of computer hardware and software performing precise business transactions. The age-old tradition of heavy paperwork is no more. Rather, it is like a digital cash register with some hardware such as a server, a computer terminal and keyboard at the checkout site, a cash drawer, a credit and debit card swiper, a pin pad, and a printer for customer receipts. With the help of the hardware, the main computer that is connected with several checkout terminals and builds a computerized network; the POS system. Computers are able to capture, away better than the traditional cash registers. The system brings accuracy in inventory, reporting, ordering. POS system also saves time, increases efficiency and assure better customer service. There are many kinds of POS system based on different business. Do you want the best POS system? Projanmo It offers you the best POS software in Bangladesh.

What are the benefits of pos software?

A POS system is the main workforce of any business. It offers you a bunch of benefits. Some of them are-
1. Positive effect on business: If you are using a POS system in your business, it will allow you to have a better control over your business. You will have the know how many products have you sold, how many products are left in the storehouse and how many products you need to buy. All these can be done with POS software.

2. Accurate operation: Every business of selling includes numbers, multiple clients, and products at the same time. If you are running them manually with the traditional paper-based system, there is a huge possibility of mistakes. Since POS software can record transactions, manage inventory, and analyze sales patterns in a correct manner, you do not have to double-check each customer’s order and other information.

3. Business efficiency: As it is a computerized system, it makes all the paperwork accurately and saves a lot of time. It takes you to the way to manage your sales figures or reports, bills and orders in a very expedient way. Besides the office environment POS system also increases the efficiency of the everyday sales environment. Different kinds of useful features such as barcode scanners or credit card terminals have really made POS system very promising.

4. Analytical ability: POS system includes broad analysis of your business data. In running a business, you have to deal with any information about movements and tendencies in sales processes, sales reports, and other information. Handling them manually and gather right type of data from them is really very tough. So POS software can analyze the relevant information to show trends, strengths, weaknesses, and solutions.

5. Client communication: POS softwarestors the information of all of your clientele.The information of all of your clientele. You can definitely find out who your best customers are and what they buy. So you can offer them a better deal to satisfy them and get maximum benefit from them by assuring better customer service. You can also offer them a discount. It will build up a healthy communication between you and your client.

6. Networking with other terminals: POS software has networking ability. It allows the system to connect and communicate with other terminals and handheld devices from any location. So you can manage your sales from a single platform.

7. Affordability: POS software is full of many outstanding and powerful features but the price of this software is cheaper than other business apps and software. If you are thinking to buy a POS software, you can have many choices but the software provider will make the software by your own need.

8. Shrinkage security: POS software is a unique software as it offers powerful SKU reporting and follows time periods, promotions and orders. It also can track every employee’s performance. Seeing all this benefits, you can not but order POS software for your business right now. As Projanmo It offers you the best POS software in Bangladesh with an affordable price, why would you refuse us?

POS Software in Bangladesh:

It does not matter what type of business you are trying to start. It is time to take your business to another level with the latest Point of Sale software (POS) of Projanmo It. The software is designed for all type of businesses such as grocery stores, retail shops, restaurants, filling stations, and every business you can think of. The POS software is very easy to navigate. It also allows you to easily record sales transactions, manage product pricing and print receipts for your customers without delay. Projanmo It provides the best POS software services in Bangladesh that simplify your business process.

Pricing Plan:

Package Branch Installation Cost Server Cost/month
Package l 1 9,000 TK 1000TK
Package 2 2 13,000 TK 1500TK

Payment Procedure :

  • 100% Advance Payment monthly or yearly
  • Payment will goes to PROJANMO IT Accounts pay Cheque.
  • All Tax, Vat & Other Charge excluded.

Support & Maintenance & Training :

  • 24x7 support over phone, email, live chat

Development tools :

  • Language :HTML,CSS,JS,Ajax,PHP
  • Framework :Laravel
  • Database :My SQL